Wild as the ocean, free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Wild as the ocean. Free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Slow Build


What I want is what's not often prescribed in the world of love today.
The patient, slow intensely building passion that comes from holding back in small measures, restraining our desire to rush forward in the heat of lust into the body of another for just a little while longer so that we can build that upon itself over & over until we fit more perfectly, if that's possible.  
We don't yet know each other and yet somehow our chemistry is talking to one another on a biological level that gives us the idea that we do know each other, despite the temptation of strangers making bedfellows.
This is not today's pace; today's pace of love which is really more lust is about HERE, NOW, do it!! Let's get it over with & build on that.  Even if it turns out that we may not be compatible after all & eventually, maybe even quickly, part. This isn't what I want though, I don't want to part but stay, together long enough to build real bonds. Not just temporary notions of chemical connection that so brilliantly fool the mind. Something stronger. 
The pace of love imbued with lust in a rock solid fashion that holds like a mast in a storm.  This is what I want.


Saturday, August 6, 2022

The War in Your Mind~

There's a battle being raged, right at home. 
A war of notions, bent & twisted, frantic fears.
Coursing rapidly through your mind as you go about your day. 

It's only in the quiet of the night and moments in between bursts of excitement, grand energetic output tying up the ministrations of our day, where we can hear it in full bloom.
The noise of worry. 

Our brain tortures us, poisoned by the well of human existence, time, fear, history & information; full of chaos & love. Ugliness & war. Want & need.
Cascading down in a torrent until we are drowning in our own imagination. 

We process everything, every night as if somehow that's going to resolve, anything. When it does not. 

Modern life has left our souls tired from so much. 
We are kept at a pace our poor minds cannot keep up with and thus at the end of the day, we cycle through our entire lives, all at once. Wearing us thin in the process. Breaking our souls.

As a result, building a person full of fear & hopelessness because our brains, on their own journey, disembodied from the self at times, thinks it can filter & sift through all of life, all at once and find the answers alone. 
It cannot. 

Washed in fear, scared of life's harsher realities at times...there isn't much we can do but embrace life’s sweeter things in it's fullest fashion in this moment, as it stands. 

Learning to ignore these obsessive & worried thoughts here and there can give us the gift of sleep we so desperately need so we can start the next day clean, calm & refreshed in the hopes of something better, less painful and blooming with joy instead. At the very least, not be riddled & worn with fear. 

Give yourself permission to let go of those thoughts, to stop trying to fix everything in your mind. Because literally, you cannot. Repeat that when necessary. 

Just remember to live hard, live in the now.
Fully embracing one's life, is all you can do.
Love yourself deeply, love others when you can. 
And keep breathing through the pain.