Wild as the ocean, free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Wild as the ocean. Free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Quips & Quotes-Things I've said or written over the years.(is that vain or what?!)

~Liberalism is the gateway drug to Neo-Liberalism~ 11/16©DM

~Creating is like breathing for the artist.  It's how function.  If we are not able to be creative, we do not breathe properly and function at half mass, so to speak. It's like our soul dries up from within, causing us to walk and talk funny but only we can notice it the difference. We become out of alignment withourselves.  For us, creating is how we live in the world. ~ 9/7/16©DM  (originally half written 2010)

~Contemporary Americans moreover, 'Hystericans', move wildly in a rabid mass of psychosis reacting to every social and political issue like a mindless school of fish madly lurching and swaying to every ripple or current in the water, whether or not it actually is threat; Bounding from one problem to the next the way any mob does, hysterically and without intelligent thought.~ 1/22/16©DM

~The only good thing about going through the hell is coming back with a bag of tricks to share with others on how to survive it~6/11/14©Danya Mosgofian

~Authentic is instinctively attractive on a visceral level because it supersedes preconceived ideas, self conscious attempts at pretension and any attempt at the personification of cool or hip but instead just is, whether awkwardly or gracefully so....real. And there is something so grounding about that, it liberates others who are within range of influence to feel at peace as well.

~I tend to drown in the shallow end~
For at least 10 or more years I've been saying this.  Sigh….:P



~Self-preservation is essential for true cultivation of strength and independence from self-destruction, whether by outside or internal forces.  Drawing boundaries, lines in the sand of what you will and will not tolerate, even at the hands of your own actions is necessary to building this inner strength.  It can mean making tough decisions upon who one lets in their lives and who one filters out.  Sometimes it means saying no to momentary temptations for the development of life-long self-respect.  Ultimately one's instincts become honed and connected to self in a deeper more committed fashion to what is best for the self, to where there is no longer a break between a need for self-preservation and the interactions with the world....as the two become harmonized in the same cause~

4/17/11(revised 9/6/13)©DanyaMosgofian

~Balancing the delicate art of communication, the fragility of our hearts and reaching outwards to find love and friendship are but a tangled mess of hope and fear in fumbling mess of words and gestures.  Falling forwards into success or failure will depend upon how fearlessly you build a bridge to lay between the gaps from heart to heart~


~Feeling Philo' (random quotes on and offline/FB throughout the years)....~

'The problem with following the herd is that you get a mouthful of dust and have to stare at a bunch of assholes all day!'

'If you plan on being a leader, make sure your followers have something nice to look at'

'Gossip is like warm wind that wilts the perceptions of the mind'  (love this one!!)

'Love and compassion are like salves for the wounded soul'

'Not all are guilty in the game of war, as not all are players being played by others keeping score'.
(honoring all victims of all wars on 9/11)

'Gravitate towards the people who love and appreciate us without an effort, towards those we can unfurl around.  For they are the ones that see us clearly and allow us to show ourselves openly.  See past people's wounds and words into their hearts and you will see so much more, thus doing the same for them'

'If Led Zeppelin were a pie, I'd shove my face into it and just inhale, all of it! Pure soul food'

'The line between adoration and worship is very thin.  Tread lightly so that you don't trip and fall'

'Nostalgia is like wearing pretty pink filters on your eyes when looking in the rear view memory mirror'

'Too much makes people wasteful, weak and spoiled.  Not enough makes people desperate, raw and angry.  But just enough allows for contentment, joy and room to grow.'

'Numbers create neuroses: weight, height, girth, length, cup, age; Dow up, down down, inflation, cost of living, 'the economy'; Days left, days past, deadlines, not enough, too much, how many, how much; Choose one, pick the right..., score, rate, settle, ante up, pay down, owe...
Numbers are how humanity demarcates our lives so we can sustain the illusion of control and comprehension of our reality.  Too bad we learned to count.'

'Woodpeckers: Nature's Original Headbangers'

'Ever feel like you're making a lot of waves but you're the only one not making it to shore?'

'It seems when we are too politically and socially 'correct', it allows other injustices to flourish for fear of offending people of what may actually be the truth'.

'Where's the thunder and crackle of lightening to hearken a Hallow's Eve mood?  Down with the sun, baking me half stupid...bring on the night!'  (about Halloween)

'I've decided on a new M.O. :  Fake it till I make it, Grin till I win.  Walk more, talk less and pray like the wind in a tunnel that somehow I can stay the course with it all in tact'

(in regards to America's growing violent culture, esp. with our young).
'We have created a mean climate in this culture....we shouldn't be surprised that those growing up in it, manifest the results most obviously and barbarically.'

Love yourself.  'It stems from within....outward into and wrapped in cotton, a gift to the world but first...a gift to yourself'

'I've really grown to love my scars, they're like tattoos telling stories of my life'

'Women can.  We always could, sometimes we just forget and believe the lies we're told that we can't so we don't.  But we can, always could. Don't compromise, rise!'

'We cannot let the mechanisms of modernity and their offspring divide us.  They are simply tools to bring us together, not create a busyness that separates us'

For women: 'Remembering to remember how brave we are, is the dream that wakes us in the daytime'

On election night for Obama: 'These are the rare nights one can find Atheists praying and Buddhists cursing'.

'Better not more, linger not fast, slower not hard, softer not weak...love.  In all it's myriad of forms,  hold out for it'

'Radical is doing what you think is right even when it may seem uncool or terrifying.  The neck is at risk but the heart is liberated'

'Too much noise on the outside makes it hard to hear what's on the inside.
Too much noise on the inside makes it hard to understand what's on the outside.
A balance between the two is ideal. The outside to gain perspective, the inside to gain clarity. Garnering insight from both worlds to discern the most wisdom from each moment, a soft calm in the midst of all the noise'

'I wish I had enough energy to keep up with myself...to follow my dreams into being without fail'

'Discernment: The ability to make sounds decisions that better serve your life and soul in the pursuit of self-preservation and joy'

'Any uprising/revolution today needs to be as mental as it is physical, or it won't hold.'

In regards to fb/social networking:
'Perhaps, unless a multitude of hours are spent side by side, breath to breath with a person...we weren't meant to 'see' so much of each other or into each other's thoughts in such a skewed fashion.  At the very least, we should be able to look into the eyes of someone and see their soul when they impart these utterances'

'I think there ought to be a 'special' gym, a place to workout when you're detoxing, especially from cigarettes!! A place where you can go scream and curse like you have Tourette's; break plates, spazz out, punch bags and fake people.  A place where you can jump up and down while listening to loud rock and roll.....ahh I feel better already thinking about this place.  See, it's working!!'
(while quitting smoking)

'I want to stretch out my soul, open wide and break free from the box.  Confining, defining, with only a darkened silver lining.  Crack open and bleed sunlight, shed shadows and dust, branching outward into light;  Breaking off dead dried up pieces so that I can bound high, touch low and share in more of this mess called life'

Painful lessons about friendships.

What is the Mark of a Good Friend:
Someone who knows your soul's song without you having to sing it.
What is the measure of a true friend:
Someone who sees through whatever mask you wear to what's behind it.
What is the test of a true friendship:
When these people are still in your life even if you become a miserable bugger and can't stand your company from time to time, somewhere in the background, they're still around waiting for you to return to yourself believing you still can.
Those that sadly fall by the wayside, were simply learning posts along the way, for you and for them.


'Trust in your own wisdom.  Consider someone's opinion or insight the way one would consider the wind, as passing information to let flow through you, but not stay.
Trust in your own wisdom, for it already knows the way.'

'Consumerism will consume the consumer'

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