Wild as the ocean, free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Wild as the ocean. Free as a mountain sitting motionless. Soft as a storm blooming in full.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


When you're near me, as if without consciousness or effort,
I crack open and a flood of gold pours out.

Soft cells crumble into themselves and a flow within me grows easy.
No longer stuck on staccato, things seem right.

Warmed by osmosis, simply by default, I am opened.
No longer holding on guard just in case, waiting on pause...
I bend and fold like a canopy under the weight of limbs entwined.
An ease of being takes over and I grow wider from within.

Unseen on the outside, a lightness grows deep inside,
Showing the way that has stayed secret for too long.

I now know that I can melt, so I do.

©5/19/11 by Danya Mosgofian

Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Affair to Remember

I have spent so much time pining for the right love that I almost neglected to see that I've been having one of the most amazing relationships I didn't know I was having, for most of my life.  Without realizing that I was already in love, in adoration for some time now, I have continued on like a thirsty bear seeking honey in the forest.
Looking under rocks and crags, climbing over mountains and hills, pulling down branches... metaphorically looking every where out and deeply within for the kind of love that I so desperately hoped existed, that perfect love, when in fact I already had it.

There were nights I wanted the kind of embrace that filled my soul with content so that I was no longer empty.  I didn't think that at the moment, I had access to this kind of love, so I kept pining and whining to my heart that I wanted more, of something else.  I looked and asked; gave up on some, wanted for others.  Ached for a few and balked at more. When all along it was there.
Oh and as I say it, it sounds trite, corny and even foolish this love but when I think of how it makes me feel, and how little it asks of me...it is better than what I have ever had.

This lover has never held me with hands but only wind and heat.  It's song is full of many notes but no lyrics that speak. It flirts with the movement of leaves... shows me strength with the peak of mountains rising high above me. Storms are it's way of revealing vulnerability and the quiet of the night is where I find romance and peace.
I have always been at my best when I am with it;  Always my most kind, my most patient and least destructive.  I rarely ask for more but only of the same.  It is the perfect relationship.

It has seduced me without even trying and I always return to it, remembering each time that perfect embrace.  As I've walked the earth looking for more of something else, something better, I didn't realize that this love has been the most satisfying love I have ever known and with me all the time.

What a fool I have been...I think I'll go sit with the trees.


Deep Breath

~How do we find love without becoming fools, carrying our hearts in rucksacks on our backs for the journey?   Do we keep ourselves safe by standing afar in observation?  Or do we venture forward with shoulders back and breath open?  
What the soul wants more than breath itself is to feel secure in knowing it is safe and is seen by another in it's totality, lovingly. To be understood. 
This is love, maybe only in our minds does it truly exist, ideal and perfect...but it is the love the soul needs to breathe freely.   
This kind of love, is the mist the sun makes from water sitting on the earth...reciprocal in it's nature...waiting to be inhaled and turned into light. 
Being truly loved is breathing for the soul~ ♥